Hanging with the Framers

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Hanging your art or photo collection can be a daunting task especially when there are numerous pieces to compile.  Though there are no hard fast rules there are a few that we follow for best results.

Most importantly use the correct type of picture hanger one that can support the weight of the art work and the surface it is going into.  Word of warning, a little nail may work for a while, but eventually it will fail. The center of your piece should be eye level, say 5′-7″ depending on how tall or short your family may be.  This may seem low, but most people hang their art too high and this does not optimize viewing pleasure.  Exceptions to this rule would be vaulted ceilings and furniture placement.


When hanging a group of picture frames start from the center and work out from there.  We also lay it out of the floor before we get out the hammer.  Another trick is too cut newspaper to the size of each piece and tape it up on the wall.  Again to have the visual before there are too many unnecessary holes in the wall.

Lastly have fun with it.  It’s okay to mix and match frames and mediums just make sure there is one common element in the grouping like; photos from Italy, all white mats, or all different shapes and profiles of gold frames.